El 30 de septiembre de 2021 es la fecha límite para enviar la propuesta de comunicación del Congreso “Exploring mythical accounts in the narratives of healing, transcendent light, sense of belonging and witchcraft aesthetics: the case of #witchesofinstagram”, organizado por Xiana Sotelo y Marta Silvera Roig, del grupo de investigación SIIM.

El congreso tendrá lugar el 29 de noviembre en formato híbrido: presencial y en línea.

A continuación le dejamos la justificación del Congreso y la forma de presentar propuestas de comunicación en inglés:

A huge troop of healers and ‘beings of light’ have occupied the social network of Instagram. Under the hashtag #witchesofinstagram a community has arisen. Claiming the ancient existence of heterogenous worlds, social media has become a platform to question patriarchal narratives and capitalist expectations. A kind of retrotopia is claimed: when faith in the idea of ​​building an alternative society for the future is lost, there is a return to the great ideas of the past that had been abandoned.

In the passage from a convulsive human existence to a more transcendent living, a new eco-feminist force urges for a process of “awakening of consciousness”. This process, it is claimed, albeit in various forms, necessarily starts by reconnecting to the healing powers of Mother Earth.

In an intermedial digital context such as Instagram, the witch aesthetics is certainly appealing for such a visual social media platform, allowing for transgression and ambiguity. Furthermore, new language codifications indicate a profound sense of belonging in the need to re-connect with Nature and transcend everyday alienated experience. Thus, exhorted to find answers and significance, the act of healing is appropriated with mythical dimensions through a mystic symbolism.

In this context, this seminar approach brings together the different aspects of the #witchesofindtsgram movement: from current voices, an online community in a defragmented world, a religion, to online global market techniques. Available data about the phenomenon will be analyzed and discussed.

In addition, engaging in a critical reflection about mythical narratives, this seminar will interrogate to what extent social medial storytelling, such as Instagram’s, is thoughtful about its authentic mythical accounts.

Exploring global communities in other social media platforms it is also highly encouraged.

The Seminar will have an on-site and online hybrid format.


Confirmed Key Speaker: Angélica Velasco Sema.

Philosopher, writer and professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy at the University of Valladolid. Her research is focused on environmental ethics, animal ethics and ecofeminist Philosophy. She is the authoress of numerous academic articles, has written the book La Ética Animal, ¿una cuestión feminista? (Editorial Cátedra 2017) and she is the co-editor of the book Hacia una cultura de la sostenibilidad: análisis y propuestas desde la perspectiva de género (2015).


We invite all those who wish to participate to send your proposals for 15-minute papers with an abstract of no more than 250 words to Xiana Sotelo: xianasot@ucm.es and Marta Silvera Roig: msilvera@ucm.es before 30th September 2021. Papers are welcome in either English or Spanish. Panel proposals consisting of three 15-mins talks are also welcome. Notification of outcomes will be announced by 15th of October 2021. Please include title, name, institution, and email.

There will be a publication of selected papers in the journal ICONO 14. https://icono14.net/ojs/index.php/icono14

This Seminar is organized by the research group SIIM- Studies on Intermediality and Intercultural Mediation from the English Studies department of the School of Philology of Complutense university of Madrid within the framework of the research Project

AGLAYA «Estrategias de Innovación en Mitocrítica Cultural» funded by CAM and European Social Fund.